Mann Mayal Episode 2 {2016} HD Watch Online

Mann Mayal Episode 2Manahil gets angry to know, that proposal came for her and fights with Salah-ul-Din for not telling her. Rabiya confront Salah-ul-Din that he loves Manahil to which he responds that they will never accept this relation due to their social class difference. Manahil parents refuse the Mikaeels proposal. Salah-ul-Din tries to make Manahil understand that due to their social difference he cannot marry her and her parents will not accept their relation. Rabiya ask Salah-ul-Din to ask their parents for this proposal before anyone else gets to know about them. Unknown to Sarah, she teases Manahil about Salah-ul-Din for not calling him Bhai. Later, Salah-ul-Din told his mother about Manahil and him, and ask her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. Sarah confronts Manahil and warns her that their family will never accept her relation with Salah-ul-Din. Meanwhile, Salah-ul-Din father ask him to stop tutoring Manahil.

Movie: Mann Mayal Episode 2 (2016)
Directed by: Haseeb Hassan
Written by: Samira Fazal-Umar
Starring by: Hamza Ali Abbasi Maya Ali Gohar Rasheed Ayesha Khan Aiman Khan
Genres: Family Drama Romance
Country: Pakistan
Language: Urdu
Release Date: 1st February 2016